Saturday, January 25, 2014


so... when i thought that everything's went OK on last few days, now i have to say that it was totally wrong. yap.
just few days after i posted the random post last time, suddenly everything became worse and worse. people were tired for everything. and so do i.

then people differently changed. they got tired, mad, stressed, depressed, sad, easily. and i couldn't doubt it bcs it happened to me too. aaaargggghh why why why.
people was just pulling themselves out of crowds.
......and so do i.
i was just like..... oh damn why.

actually i still wanted to know why people could differently change, hopefully i can help them to solve the problems. but, yaa....i can't. and i won't.
why? because i still can't solve my own problems.

now, i just want to disappear too haaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

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